About Us

Jiangsu SINOJIT Wind Energy Technology Co., Ltd (SINOJIT) was founded in 2003, and is a leading group of research and development and production of large-scale wind turbine castings. We are proficient in manufacturing products such as hubs, main frames, shafts and bearing housings used in 750KW-8MW wind turbines.

We used to be a small enterprise with annual sales volume less than 10,000 tons for only one single customer. After a decade of innovation and progress, now SINOJIT has grown into a high-tech listed company with proprietary intellectual property rights and become a high quality supplier for notable wind turbine enterprises both domestic and abroad; our sales volume has risen from 8000 tons in 2005 to up to 160,000 tons in 2010, and possesses the scale advantage of series production of high-quality castings used in large-power wind turbines. We provide innovative technology, prominent solutions and quality products, and give firm backing to the development of global wind energy industry.

SINOJIT follows the times development, and insists on continuous self-reform and technology innovation. We have advanced casting technology around the world. We established a provincial engineering and technology research center of metal parts of large-power wind turbine in 2009. Several of our products are entitled to Provincial High-tech Products; some specialized components as hubs for 3-5MW large-scale off-shore wind turbines are certified as National Torch Program; SINOJIT trademark wins such awards as Jiangsu Famous-Brand Product and Jiangsu Bred and Developed International Famous Brand.

We focus on the establishment of intellectual property creation system. We have one US invention patent, seven China’s invention patents and eight utility model patens. We have been granted Provincial Science and Technology Award and China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award. Our company is entitled to High-tech enterprise of National Torch Program.

We will continue self reform and development, regard “Innovate Together” as the brand mission, and persists in achieving corporate values as integrity, innovation, challenging spirit and win-win goal. We will step forward with partners, provide high-quality products and services to customers, create developing opportunities for the employees and earn investment returns to our investors.

Safety, innovation and efficiency is SINOJIT’s commitment. With leading technological achievement, perseverance in innovation, remarkable product quality and good reliability, we will well develop the corporate values and carry on the missions ,and draw the future and the dream of the company. We will, based on casting industry of wind energy components, cooperate with global partners to promote the sustainable development of the company and its industry, and to make contribution to the world green energy and to the mankind and its living environment through the continuous efforts in the innovation of thinking, technology, management and products and services..

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