2003.12 Jiangyin JIXIN Machinery Co., Ltd was founded (renamed as Jiangsu JIXIN Wind Energy Technology Co., Ltd in 2008)

2004.07 Foundry Project One started.

2005.01 Construction Project One was completed and put into production.

2006.03 The first wind energy scientific research program was recognized as Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Achievements.

2006.08 The machining factory was completed and put into production.

2007.02 Foundry Project Two was completed and put into production.

2007.08 We are certified to ISO9001:2000, ISO14001:2004 and OHSA18001 of CCS, and won the title of Jiangsu High-tech Enterprise.

2007.12We are entitled to Top 100 Private Science and Technology Enterprises of Jiangsu Province

2007.12 The subsidiary, Jiangyin Henghua Machinery Co., Ltd was founded.

2008.06 Shareholding reform was implemented, and the company was transformed from a limited-liability company into a company limited by shares.

2008.10 We are entitled to National High-tech Enterprise by Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Finance and State Administration of Taxation.

2008.11 We won the Development Contribution Award of National Outstanding Private Science and Technology Enterprise.

2008.12 The subsidiary, Jiangyin Jiaxin Wind Energy Bearing Co., Ltd was founded.

2009.08 Provincial engineering and technology research center of metal parts of large-power wind turbine was founded, and Research Workstation of Southeast University was established in our company.

2009.12 Large-power Foundry Project Three was completed and put into production.

2010.05 We independently researched and developed 5MW hubs and main frames, and successively developed 6MW products.

2010.10 The subsidiary, Jiangyin Changling New Energy Equipment Co., Ltd was founded.

2010.12 SINOJIT product won the title of Jiangsu Famous Brand Product.

2010.12 The 3MW hub and main frame won the award of Jiangsu Provincial Outstanding New Product.

2011.05 SINOJIT shares arrived on Shanghai stock market.

2012.04 We succeeded in the development of 7MW hubs and main frames with respectively single weight of 70 tons and 85 tons.

2012.08 Three invention patents were certified, including the Process Technique without Chills and Risers

2013.08 Six utility model patents were certified.

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